The First Responder Jack does all the work that the good, old original Hi-Lift can do and then some. The First Responder Jack is a definite improvement over the original as far as technical rescue applications are concerned. It maintains the same Hi-Lift jack design, same quality construction, and same operating features of the original Hi-Lift. The First Responder Jack however is more functional for rescuers. Bright color, reflective trim, modified base, and improved toe accessory are just a few of the features that go beyond the standard jack. Reality is that for basic vehicle rescue applications, jacking, lifting, moving a column, etc, I can do everything the First Responder Jack can do with my original Hi-Lift. I do believe that the First Responder Jack allows these basic tasks to be performed more efficiently than with the standard jack. It also allows me more versatility and flexibility to do other technical rescue things.

- Ron Moore
University of Extrication

The uses for the First Responder Jack are only limited by the ingenuity of the responder. This tool deserves the respect of any responder and provides simplicity of operation integrated with the true integrity of a genuine rescue tool.

- Billy Leach, Jr.
Developer and Presenter, Big Rig Rescue

The First Responder Hi-Lift Jack is a great tool for versatility and speed of use. For quick stabilization, this tool can be effectively applied in seconds to a commercial motor vehicle as well as a conventional vehicle with the confidence and reliability in a tool that you depend on at an emergency incident. The applications are endless. If you want to lift, pull, or spread something quickly and effectively, than this is your tool. I highly recommend this tool for all emergency service organizations. Hydraulic and electric tools are a necessity to have and train with but the mark of a skilled technician is someone that can utilize hand tools just as effectively; the First Responder Hi-Lift Jack is the all-in one tool, and with a trusted name and company like Hi-Lift, you can't go wrong. Its only limitation is limited thinking.

- Dave Sweet
Author, Vehicle Extrication Levels I and II: Principles and Practice, Jones and Bartlett Learning

The Hi-Lift First Responder Jack is truly a benefit to the fire service, the first time I used this jack I knew this was a product designed by firefighters, for firefighters from the unique foot plate incorporated into the design to the fluorescent markings. This tool gives the user great versatility in a multitude of applications not only for vehicle extrication but other rescue situations such as building collapse, forcible entry, winching etc. I highly recommend this extremely rugged and user friendly piece of equipment to be a part of every fire departments standard tool complement.

- Randy Schmitz
Chairman, Alberta Vehicle Extrication Association (AVEA) & Calgary Fire Department

As a lead Instructor for the Corona Auto-X seminar and for the Rio Hondo Regional Truck Academy, I get to see the latest equipment and techniques in the fire service. The Hi-Lift First Responder Jack is the latest in adding to the capabilities of rescue companies. Over 120 students used and experienced the First Responder Jack at this year's Auto-X seminar, showing many how versatile and effective this tool is for rescue. The Hi-Lift jack has been one of the most underestimated tools in the fire service, the First Responder Jack changes all that. With applications in Auto-X, USAR and routine operations, the Fire Responder Jack is a great tool for any situation, Anytime!

- Greg Rudiger
Lead Corona Auto-X Instructor, Truck Engineer

As an auto extrication instructor, competitor & judge with over 29 years of service I can attest to the importance of rescue tool innovation. Hi-Lift's introduction of the First Responder Jack is one such innovation that will help save lives. Its' simplicity, durability and ease of use can quickly be deployed in various rescue situations with minimal training. Hi-Lift took an already time tested tool design and developed an excellent rescue tool. Good job!

- District Chief Dan Zinge
Palm Harbor Fire Rescue & Founder of the North American Vehicle Rescue Association (NAVRA)

Having spent the last 12 years competing and teaching in the auto extrication discipline, I feel that the Hi-Lift Jack Company has done well with their official introduction into the Fire & Rescue arena with the First Responder Jack. It's my opinion that the First Responder Jack has now put Hi-Lift on the map when it comes to auto extrication, R.I.T./R.I.C. and USAR disciplines. Having spent time using the jack, it's apparent that the First Responder Jack has probably tripled the abilities/options of the standard Hi-Lift Jack which has been a standard in our tool cache for years.

- Lt. Jeff Pugh
President, Puyallup Extrication Team

Rescue City is a non-profit corporation training responders all over the Northwest. The First Responder Jack by Hi-Lift fits perfectly into our "First-In" - "Company Level" Urban Search and Rescue curriculum. It is a multifunctional and inexpensive hand tool that has proven to be highly effective during rescue incidents.

- Shane Smith
Instructor, Rescue City